Welcome to Cicada Tattoo. We have been creating quality tattoos since 2008. Our walls are covered with over a century of historic hand painted tattoo designs. Our artists are dedicated to their craft and will do their best to create a great tattoo for you.

At Cicada Tattoo We Work by appointment.

Seattle:  cicadatattoo@gmail.com
Tacoma:  cicadatacoma@gmail.com

The best way to get things started is to send an email. An artist will get back to you. The email should include as much of the the following information as possible:

Your name and phone number.
Do you have any particular artist in mind?
A description of the tattoo with as much detail as possible.
Size and placement.
Color or black and grey?
Any particular style?
Are you  working around any existing tattoos, if so, send pic.
If it is going to be a cover-up?  If so send pic of old tattoo.
Send any reference photos that may help explain idea.
What days do you generally have available?

We can often figure out your tattoo through email, but we also do in person consultations. We will schedule a half hour to meet at the shop and chat about your design. This can be a helpful way to get a plan going for a complicated tattoo or a cover up. Please have at least a rough idea of what you want before scheduling a consultation appointment.

We get a lot of emails, so please understand that we cannot always respond to all of them. If you are looking for a short-term appointment and no one is available, we may not be able to get back to you in time. If you are looking for a style that no one here specializes in, you may not get a response. We don’t work at a computer and we value our time off, so even if we love your idea it can still take time to respond. Please know that we do appreciate you business. We literally could not do this without you, but please be patient.

Seattle Tattoo Shop

10309 Aurora Ave N (highway 99). Seattle, Washington. 98133.
Open Fri-Wed, 12-8 pm.

Tacoma Shop

1128 S L Street.  Tacoma, WA.  98405.



We offer many styles. Whether it be a large dragon sleeve, a custom piece on the ribs; or just a small star, cross, or butterfly on a foot or wrist, we are happy to work with your ideas and realize your vision. Some of the things we enjoy doing: fine line, anime, traditional Japanese, traditional American old school, new school, bio-mechanical, geometry, script, black and gray, realistic portraits of pets or love ones, animals, angels, creatures and monsters, flowers, abstract designs, reworking older designs to bring them to life, cover-ups (instead of removal), and larger free hand compositions that compliment the shapes and forms of the body. Many of the designs in our portfolios are one of a kind custom pieces that we have drawn for our clients.  We also have a great collection of tattoo flash available if you want to choose from already rendered pictures.  Our walls are covered with hand drawn and hand painted artwork from artists who have worked in our industry for the last one hundred years or more.

How Much?

Each of our artists has a minimum they charge. Our Prices start at $100. This set up fee covers materials and preparation. It is charged at the beginning of each session but is gradually phased out as the tattooing time approaches two hours.  For tattoos that take two hours or more in a given session, the client pays only the hourly rate of $200 per hour. Artists reserve the right to quote a flat price that differs from standard pricing.  Examples of this would be a tattoo that takes an unusually large amount of preparation even though the actual tattoo is quick.  Or difficult areas, like fingers, which require expertise and often require a follow up appointment.

To set up a tattoo appointment we often take a deposit.  For most tattoos we ask for $100, but the artist may ask more for larger or complicated pieces. This money lets us know that you are serious before we commit time to drawing. There is no drawing fee and the deposit will be applied to the final session of your tattoo.  The deposit is not refundable, if you decide not to get tattooed after all, the artist will keep the money as compensation for drawing or planning of the tattoo. If you miss your appointment without letting us know ahead of time, the deposit will be forfeited. We require at least 48 hours cancellation notice for rescheduling. Anything less than that does not give the artist time to book another client.

We have a talented crew here.  Most of the artists have over ten years experience.  We have dedicated our lives to the art, and look forward to making a beautiful tattoo for you.

The following are some time-lapse videos of tattoos done at Cicada Tattoo.