Will Bodnar

Will Bodnar – Tattoo Artist

Seattle (Books Closed)
Saturday and Tuesday.

Tacoma (Books Open)
Mon, Wed, Fri

My name is Will. I’ve been tattooing since 1994. I like high contrast, stylized realism, simple color pallets, drop shadows, and white highlights. I like tattooing flowers, insects, birds, or any animal. I like pretty much any subject as long as it’s clean. My favorite tattoos have simple subject matter with minimum or no background and can be described in one word.

I may not take on the project if it contains an overly elaborate composition of elements or too much detail. I won’t do projects if I think it won’t hold up well over time. I won’t do upside down tattoos, names of partners, or hateful tattoos. My style is diverse but I may not be able to do someone else’s style.

The following are some time lapse videos of tattoos I have done at Cicada Tattoo. Please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel, Tattoo Time Warp.