COVID-19 Client Safety Guidance


We are working hard to keep you safe, so please do your part to keep us safe.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, we ask the following of all clients:

If you or anyone you live or work with have any symptoms of sickness, please call to reschedule.  206-327-9309.  Take your temperature before heading to our shop -if it is above 100.4°F call to reschedule.  (48 hour notice not required -you will not lose your deposit as long as you call before your appointment start time.) 

If you or someone you live with is elderly, high risk, or if you just don’t feel safe venturing out, feel free to reschedule, but please give us 48 hour notice to avoid losing deposit.

Do not show up early:  Reduce the number of people waiting inside the shop, and give us time to clean.

Do not bring guests.

You must wear a mask when you enter and keep it on at all times.  If you do not own a mask, we will provide one.

Wash your hands upon arriving and each time you use the bathroom.

Avoid touching your face or anywhere near the area being tattooed.

Cough into your upper arm sleeve, not your hand 

Leave a small footprint.  Your artist will designate a chair for you to sit in and a tray for you to place your things.  Please remain in this area except for when using the bathroom.

Stay at least six feet from your artist until tattooing begins.